Claidi Journals character
First appearance Law of the Wolf Tower
Last appearance Wolf Wing
Created by Tanith Lee
Nickname(s) Claid, Claidi-baa, Claidi-baari, Claidi-baabaa
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 16
Date of birth Unknown
Occupation None
Family Unknown slave (father), Unknown slave (mother)
Dengwi (sister), Venn (brother-in-law)
Spouse(s) Argul



"Claidi" means "Wolf on the Wing", or, more simply, "Wolf Wing". It's roots are from an ancient language of The Claidi Journals world:
"Claaii", which means Wolf, "i", which means of or on the, and "dii", which means Wing.


  • "Claidi" - the version she was raised with, and chose to keep in the end.
  • "Claidissa Star" - the name Jizania Tiger told her was her true name.
  • "Claidis Star" - Winter Raven told Venn via flying letter that this was Claidi's name.
  • "No name" - Twilight Star informed her that "Claidis" is actually the true name of Winter Raven, and that Claidi was never given a name of her own.
  • Nicknames: "Claidi" and "Claidissa" are actually pet forms for "Claidi".

Sheepers and HultaEdit

The Hulta took to using the Sheepers' form for addressing Claidi, with the suffixes -baa, -baa-baa, and -baari.


Unknown Male Slave (The House)
Unkown Female Slave (The House)
Prince Lorio (The House)
Argul (The Hulta)
Claidi (The House)
Dengwi (The House)
Venarion (The Rise)

Claidi's parents were unknown slaves of The House. Her half sister Dengwi was raised by their mother.
Claidi married Argul in Peshamba.