The Book of the Damned (1988) is the first novel in The Secret Books of Paradys by Tanith Lee.

Stained with Crimson

The first part of the novel centers around the character Andre St. Jean, a frustrated writer, who is infatuated with a society lady called Antonina Scarabin. But when she mysteriously dies, her brother comes to town, and challenges Andre to a duel, resulting in Andre's death and burial. He is resurrected later as a woman, named Anna. He goes in search for the man who killed him, discovering in the process the possible reincarnation of his dead friend. It is heavily implied that Antonina's brother is actually Antonina herself, and he and Anna have intercourse, after which Anna wakes up as Andre once again.

Malice in Saffron

     The protagonist of this segment is Jehanine: A farm girl who, after being raped by her stepfather, runs away to the city of Paradys, where her favorite brother, Pierre, lives, working as an apprentice. However, when she tells him how their father abused her, he doesn't believe her, and rebukes her harshly. Hurt, Jehanine finds herself alone in the city, until a strange dwarf leads her to a nunnery, where she is taken in.

Empires of Azure

The final part follows a journalist (who goes by the psuedonym "St. Jean") during her investigations into a mysterious house its history, which is shrouded in murder and magic.